• Haldex Remote Control
  • Haldex Remote Control

    Part Number: HALDEX.Remote
    Brand: Haldex
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Extended Description

The Haldex Remote is suitable for cars with the Haldex Performance Control Unit Gen2 or Gen 4.

The Remote lets you change between 3 pre-set tuning modes with the remote switch.

The Remote has a memory function that always keeps the last selected tuning until next time a
button is pushed on the remote switch.

The Remote has a beep sound which confirms that the signal from the remote switch was
received. The beep signal can be muted if desired.


Requires HALDEX.02 or HALDEX.04

Simple Plug-n-Play installation.

Part # Description Price
HALDEX.Remote Haldex Remote Control $399.95 BUY