Part Number: CHIP.G60
    Brand: Neuspeed
    Our Price: $109.95
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Extended Description

NEUSPEED's software is the ultimate for your Volkswagen Corrado G60 engine. Renowned for smooth drivability and exceptional reliability this software has been proven to be the best in exceptional horsepower and torque gains. Our software re-maps ignition timing, air fuel ratios and rev limiter.


7-10 HP gain.

91 octane or higher fuel required!

Emission certified: CARB EO# D-236-8

Factory chip is pressed into a socket on the printed circuit board, so you or any skilled technician can install the chip by following our detailed instructions.

Chip programs are specific to each unique ECU code, so we must have your exact 10 or 11 digit ECU code to process your order. The ECU code is found on the top of the control unit and starts with this group of numbers: 037 906 xxx

Part # Description Price
CHIP.G60 NEUSPEED P-Chip $109.95 BUY