• ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid
  • ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid

    Part Number: ATE.6302B
    Brand: ATE
    Our Price: $24.95
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Extended Description

Not all DOT 4 fluids are the same! The German ATE Super Blue Racing brake and clutch fluid is the best there is.  Developed for endurance racing in Europe, ATE has the highest safety reserve of all DOT 4 fluids due to it's outstanding boiling points.  Dry boiling point is 536 degrees F, 122 degrees higher than the DOT 4 minimum. Wet boiling point is 392 degrees F, 133 degrees higher than  the DOT 4 minimum.


Sold in a sealed 1 liter container.   Keep un-used fluid in a clean, dry enviroment and tighten cap securely after opening.

Part # Description Price
ATE.6302B ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid $24.95 BUY