• NEUSPEED Sport Camshaft - 8V Hyd.
  • NEUSPEED Sport Camshaft - 8V Hyd.

    Part Number: 60.10.21
    Brand: Neuspeed
    MSRP: $279.95
    Our Price: $239.95
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Extended Description

Add up to 10 horsepower and feel it all the way through the powerband with a NEUSPEED Sport Camshaft. All NEUSPEED Sport Cams use chilled cast iron billets, this metallurgy makes them completely compatible with OEM lifters (no premature lobe or lifter wear). Each camshaft is custom ground for the type of high-performance street driving you want without the sacrific of driveability. NEUSPEED Cams feature the best horsepower and torque curve.

Originally developed for Corrado G60 but can be used on any hydraulic lifter engine up to 1995.


.420 Lift
260° Duration
110° Lobe Center
Intake Timing:
Open 20° Before TDC
Close 60° After BDC
Exhaust Timing:
Open 60° Before BDC
Close 20° After TDC
The above timing is checked at .004 lifter rise.

RPM good to 6000 RPM.

CARB Exempt D236-2 & D236-7. 1985-92 1.8L 8V / 1987-92 1.8L & 2.0L 16V / 1993-95 2.0L 8V.

Fits hydraulic lifter engines only (MkII-later).

Does not fit earlier solid lifter engines.

Part # Description Price
60.10.21 NEUSPEED Sport Camshaft - 8V Hyd. $239.95 BUY