• NEUSPEED Spring Kit Sport
  • NEUSPEED Spring Kit Sport

    Part Number: 55.02.26
    Brand: Neuspeed
    MSRP: $269.95
    Our Price: $215.96
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Extended Description

Made in Germany by ISO 9002 certified spring-winding specialists. Neuspeed springs reduce body roll during cornering and front end dive under heavy braking. Plus, Neuspeed spring kits reduce wheel-well gap to create a more aggressive look for your car.


  • Front Axle Lowering 30mm
  • Rear Axle Lowering 30mm

NOTE: If your vehicle is equipped with the OE Sport Suspension, there will be little to no lowering with this kit. However, with our tuned spring rates, the car will be more responsive and will handle better. For lowering of sport suspension equipped vehicles, we recommend our Race Spring kit.

Part # Description Price
55.02.26 NEUSPEED Spring Kit Sport $215.96 BUY