• Engine Torque Damper Bushing
  • Engine Torque Damper Bushing

    Part Number: 22.10.89
    Brand: Neuspeed
    MSRP: $29.95
    Our Price: $25.88
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Extended Description

Under hard acceleration, your entire engine and transmission actually rotates due to compliance in the factory bushings. While the soft factory bushings do a good job of damping engine vibration, they can also create a rubbery, vague response in the vehicle's powertrain.

NEUSPEED offers a set of two urethane bushings to go into your car's lower engine torque arm. The torque arm connects the front subframe to the bottom of the car's transmission. With the NEUSPEED bushings installed, you car's throttle response will feel better and your shifts will feel more crisp and defined on both manual and automatic transmission cars.


Fits: 1.9L TDI, 2.0L 8V, 1.8T and VR6 engines equipped in 1998-later Beetle, Golf IV, Jetta IV, and Audi TT.

Please note that polyurethane is not as compliant as rubber. As a result, you may notice a slight increase in ride harshess and engine vibration after installation.

Part # Description Price
22.10.89 Engine Torque Damper Bushing $25.88 BUY