• Engine Torque Damper
  • Engine Torque Damper

    Part Number: 22.02.43
    Brand: Neuspeed
    MSRP: $29.95
    Our Price: $25.88
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Extended Description

Launching your car at full throttle from a standing start will usually result in an annoying "clunk"followed by a slight vibration. This is caused by excessive engine and drivetrain movement.

NEUSPEED's engine torque damper is a urethane bushing that replaces the factory rubber bushing inside the factory torque damper arm to eliminate movement for a more direct power.


Fits: Audi A4 (B6/B7) 1.8T & 2.0T FSI 2002-08, Manual and Automatic Transmission.

Red urethane bushing only.

Does not include factory torque damper arm shown in photo.

Part # Description Price
22.02.43 Engine Torque Damper $25.88 BUY